Our mission

Faye is on a mission to make life easier for busy families AND enable super organized, creative go-getters to monetize their skillset as Family Advisors.

A note from our CEO

Parenting is harder than ever. Whether you call it the mental load or invisible labor, the running to-do list of researching, registering, planning, and scheduling is draining for families.

Motherhood made me appreciate the people who are so good at this work and never get enough credit — or compensation — for their executive talent. When my co-founder and I talked about needing this support in our lives, we knew we were on to something.

Our team built a product that uses best-in-class AI and business processes, supercharging our Advisors with custom-built task lists, vetted local recommendations, a seamless messaging system, and more: all enabling one FA to serve multiple families while still maintaining a flexible schedule.

Faye is all about lifting each other up, whether we are getting more time back (Clients) or are now being compensated for an extraordinary skill set (Advisors). Both have called this service “life changing.” This is what motivates our team and keeps us going — and we’re just getting started.

Emily King, CEO

Emily King, CEO

Meet the team

Emily King
Co-founder and CEO
Kip Kaehler
Co-founder and CTO
Jackie Coker
Growth Manager
Kevin Egami
Software Engineer
Liz Hernandez
Head of Marketing
Mel Arre
User Experience Designer
Kathleen Shea-Porter
Brand and Communications Marketer
Loren Heller
Social Media Manager

Our Family Advisors

Our Family Advisors

Trusted by families across the country, our Family Advisors are the perfect blend of a personal assistant, product manager, and that one friend with all the best recommendations.

We’re finding the the go-getters who always know the best activities, somehow get the 7 p.m. reservation at the popular restaurant, never ever forget a birthday, and make it all look easy.

Getting started is easy

Share more details and we’ll be in touch with a free, 15-min consultation. We’ll answer your questions and if it’s a fit, pair you with a Family Advisor.

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Think you'd be a great Family Assistant?

Get paid just for doing what you already do — checking off to-dos on your list like a pro. Our AI-powered platform gives you all the tools you need to serve multiple families with ease and on a flexible schedule.