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Being organized is your superpower. You should be paid for it!

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What makes a great Faye Family Advisor?

You're detailed and thoughtful

Everyone knows it — you’re the planner. You love a schedule, being on time, and making sure everything runs smoothly.

You’re always prepared

Nothing rattles you because you’ve already thought ahead. From quick pivots to back up plans, you've got it all under control. 

You’ve already done this work for your own family

You never miss a registration deadline for the kids’ activities. Your three meals a day are all planned out. You juggle errands and tasks like a pro and you get asked all the time how you do it.

Our platform supercharges you

Our custom platform keeps you in control of your to-dos and optimizes your time.

Manage your tasks and calendar with ease.
Facilitate clear and easy communication with your clients.
Work from anywhere with your phone or a laptop.

What you get from Faye

Faye is here to make life easier for busy families, but also to give you a way to get paid for just doing what you do — checking off to-dos on your list like a boss.

Accepted applicants can build their own businesses on top of our technology with no upfront costs. Our platform facilitates seamless communication, keeps everyone on track with calendars, and allows you to deliver an amazing customer experience for your families.

You’ll have our support and access to our community as you grow, but your business is 100% yours. We can’t wait to see what you do with it!  

Digital brain

Our AI-powered platform helps you manage your to-do lists and track important details so you never drop a ball. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.  

Client app

We give your clients an app to collaborate with so that you don’t waste time talking about status updates. They can message you and add tasks and other information as needed.


The Faye community works together for better client outcomes. Vacation coverage, expert connections, and shared playbooks all help us succeed together.

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No upfront costs
Your business, your schedule
Community support
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